OCR Unedited is thrilled to welcome 2 talented Youth of OCR athletes from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Patrik & Dominik Jordan. Patrik, the younger brother, is an upcoming athlete who started his athletic journey doing Duathlons. In 2017, He witnessed his older brother participate and compete in OCR races, and decided to jump in on the action and has been successful. He has raced in numerous OCR events and is looking forward to 2021 to get back to obstacle course racing. Dominik, the older of the two, started his athletic journey doing Duathlons & Triathlons. He discovered OCR back in 2017 and has been racing since. He has achieved podium and has competed at the Spartan Kids World Championships, in L.A. Dominik has his goals set for this year 2021 and looking to get back out there racing soon. Be on the lookout for these two exceptionally talented brothers!